Shave Ice

Unlike snow cones, shave ice is shaped & made by hand with finely shaved, not crushed, ice. This results in a powdery, fine consistency, like freshly fallen snow. Once the snowball is formed in a flower-shaped cup, the fruity choice of syrups is poured on top to give a delightful array of colors. Shave ice with one of our extra toppings is even better (snow cap, whip cream, toasted coconut & many more).

If you can’t decide, order one of our preset Indulge Ice combos with ice cream on the
bottom, shave ice, syrup & toppings. You eat shave ice with a spoon and a straw. You start with the spoon, and because some of the ice will have melted by the time you finish eating the ice, you then use the straw to suck up the rest. 

Ice Cream

We provide a choice of 12 hand scooped gourmet ice cream flavours, cone/cup/waffle cones as well as different toppings that can be added to enhance the treat.



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